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Magnetix Separator & Gear box oil filtration

 Magnetix Separator & Gear box oil filtration



Magnetix - rare earth magnet systems

A magnetic separator is a
MagnetiX Separator only if it
has rare-earth magnets. 


This extraordinary Magentic Separator uses rare-earth magnets to provide upto 8 times the magnetic force of conventional ferrite magnets.FEATURES:

  • No consumables required. Dry cake discharge
  • Excellent efficacy even for separating materials having weak magnetic properties, such as, carbide and scale.
  • Superior contamination removal means improved surface finish, increased life of grinding wheel, reduced dressing frequency, increased life of fluid.
  • Kind to the environment, kind to the pocket.

Some of the application areas that benefit from Fluid Separation:

  • Surface grinding.
  • Centerless grinding.
  • Internal / external grinding.
  • Thread grinding.
  • Honing.
  • Gear grinding.
  • Electric discharge machines.
  • Lapping.
  • Washing fluids.
Gear Box Oil Filtration Systems

MS6 DHU - Magnet Strainer with mechanical filter
Reduce gearbox downtime while extending oil drain intervals. These units are used for removing ferrous contamination from gear boxes. The MS6 DHU unit can be attached directly to the gearbox and removes metallic wear particles efficiently.

Extend coolant life ... Improve product quality...!

Hi-power magnet separators for cutting oils, coolants, honing & washing fluids. The MAGNETIX range of premium quality magnetic separators, are used in operations in varied applications.

Some application areas:Surface grinding, Centreless grinding, Internal / external grinding, Honing, Gear grinding, Superfinishing, Electrical discharge machine.

Models available: From 20 to 400 LPM flow rate.