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Filtration Unit -Water Glycol Fluids

Filtration Unit -Water Glycol Fluids

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Water glycol fluids consist of a solution of water, ethylene or diethylene glycol, a high molecular weight polyglycol and an additive package.

The water-to-glycol mixture typically contains 38 to 45 percent water. These fluids usually contain red or pink dye to aid in their identification.

With water in the fluids’ formulation, evaporation is ongoing and upper operating temperature limits must be considered.

Checks must be made periodically of the water content. The fluids’ typical operating temperatures should be kept below 150째.


  • Diecasting Machines
  • Coke Furnace Door Openers
  • Ladle-tilting Mechanisms
  • Furnace Chargers and, Dischargers,
  • Basic Oxygen Furnace Hydraulics
  • Fork Lifts
  • Straddle Trucks
  • Electric Welders,
  • Rod, Tube and Strip Mills,
  • Hot Metal Shears,
  • Aircraft Carrier Catapults,
  • Airport Air Bridges and
  • Continuous Metal Casters.