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Starting as an indenting agency house in 1981, the two companies operating under the Ferrocare umbrella, have come a long way.

The initial focus was to introduce Japanese companies who had a small exposure to the Indian market. Indian manufacturers were at that time, westward looking. ‘Maruti’ was a new name and Japanese products or companies were hardly known. We look back with pride and amazement at the rapid pace of change in the Indian market and our tiny contribution in the change process... more




New Product
Introducing Energy-saving
Hydraulic Units


Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners

swith know how from KLEENTEK, Japan, for maintaining oil, hydraulic and lubricating fluids

Low Vacuum Dehydrating Equipment

for dehydration of oils, hydraulic and lube fluids.

High-powered Rare-earth Magnet Systems

for cleaning of fluids like, honing oils, etc.


Adapts itself to trend monitoring through RS232/analog outputs via laptop…..